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Getting An Advantage For Your London Business In Stormy Times

  Finding a way forward for your London business There's no doubt that the last year or so have been quite challenging for London businesses. Lockdown, facemasks, and Brexit have made sure that being a ' local business near me ' means that you might as well be on another planet. In these circumstances, being even 1-2% better than similar businesses in your area can mean the difference between bankruptcy, and survival. Get the basics right If you are determined to succeed, then getting that 1-2% advantage over your competitors often comes down to doing the basics right.  So, let's have a look at some of the things that you can do to gain that advantage. Firstly, plan your weeks and days in advance. Simply put, don't wing it. Efficiency is so important because if you want that small advantage over your competitors, you need to do even the small things well. Next, find tasks to eliminate means that to survive, you need great time management. So, were there things in yo