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A Brief Guide To Windsor Castle

 What Is Windsor Castle? In the county of Berkshire, lies the impressive Windsor Castle. As castles go, Windsor Castle is well worth a visit when you visit the UK(travel restrictions permitting). But, what exactly is Windsor Castle? There are so many ways that this impressive castle could be described, however, as a Perth window cleaner , a common guy, it is a skill that I have to be able to put it's features in a way that could be easily understood by the average lay person. Relationship With Queen Elizabeth 2 Windsor Castle is a dwelling. As such, this means that the castle is not just for show, it is a functioning Royal residence. According to  Wikipedia   " the Queen isolated at Windsor for several months during 2020, as well as celebrating Christmas there for the first time since 1987"  and this is in addition to it's use as a winter retreat for the Royals away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Looking at the stately grounds, and attractive parks, it is