7 Great Things To Do At Bondi Beach

For the London traveller, the abundance of green list countries can mean only one thing…green means go! And go you can! One place that has recently opened up is Sydney Australia. So, we thought we would have a closer look at perhaps the most iconic of Sydney travel destinations…Bondi Beach. So, let us have a look at 7 Great Things To Do At Bondi Beach.

Chillax at Bondi Beach 

7 Great Things To Do At Bondi Beach

Chillax – that wonderful blend of to chill, and to relax. And, you can do both at Bondi Beach! 

The only trouble with chillaxing is that Bondi can be quite crowded. So, our recommendation is to get there early and find a great spot.

The Southern end of the beach is our recommended spot..there will the famous Bondi Icebergs club. Yes, there are some rocks at this end of the beach, however the water is quiet, and the surroundings can often be a little haven of peace in a busy area.

If you are a surfer, hanging out at Bondi Beach is for you! Although not the greatest surfing beach in Australia, Bondi is perhaps the most iconic…and the waves are still pretty awesome!

Speaking of Bondi Icebergs 

Sydney is home to quite a few pools that, whilst man made, are fed by natural ocean water.

Bondi Icebergs is a beach side club with more than just water. Here you can idle the day away sipping a cold beverage, or munching on some ‘top tucker'(food), and all whilst enjoying an amazing view! 

If you want to take a dip, bear in mind that it’s not free! It will set you back around $8AUD, which is about 5 pounds. However, the ocean is nearby, so if you are travelling on a budget, you can always go there. As for the water temperature, winter is a little cool, at around 15 Celsius. However, in summer the water temperature is positively toasty, at around 24 degrees!

Make sure to do the Bondi to Coogee Walk 

The Bondi to Coogee Walk is a great relaxing way to spend the afternoon! With fantastic ocean views, the walk is a favourite of hours. You can get a great hour of exercise whilst admiring unending views of the Tasman sea…and finish off with a refreshing dip in either of Sydney’s two most famous shores.

Some reminders..take a hat(the sun is very hot), some insect repellant(the flies are no respecters of personal space), and some water( with no shade, the heat can get to you).

Wine and Dine

Like any good seaside resort, Bondi is not short of great places to eat. There is everything from the World’s most famous chain burger franchise, to top quality food and drink.

Our suggestion is to try Lamrock Cafe, with it’s awesome views and scrumptious frozen yoghurt! If you are doing the walk to Coogee beach, you will also find some great eateries, so whatever, or however you spend the day in the area, you won’t be short of food!

Prices range from reasonable, to budget stretching. A burger meal might cost you around 9 pounds, however a top meal will cost considerably more.

Shop Till You Drop 

One of the best things about Bondi Beach is it’s close proximity to Bondi Junction.

For those who are unfamiliar, Bondi Junction is a Westfield Shopping Centre with no end of fantastic supermarkets and boutique stores..all over several levels.

You won’t go hungry either. In addition to the beachside cafes and restaurants, Bondi Junction has everything from supermarket food, to restaurant fare. Bondi Westfield is just another reason why a visit to Bondi is your complete Australian holiday destination.

Perhaps the only inconvenient thing is the parking. Whilst you should be able to find a limited time parking space at Bondi Junction, parking near the beach is less than optimal…it can be downright frustrating! This is another reason to get there early..to snap up one of the few parking spaces available.


In addition to general shopping, Bondi has some excellent mementos for your trip.

You’ll find everything from surfing attire to Opals! The Opals are amazing, if a little pricy! Bondi has a certain quirkiness about it, so you can also come away with some ‘out there’ outfits to take home.

Rub Shoulders With The Rich and Famous

Bondi boasts several high profile people as local residents. So, if you are fortunate you might rub shoulders with someone that will leave you saying: I know that guy or gal!

As well as that, Bondi rescue, a reality TV show focusing on Surf Rescue, is filmed there. So, even if you don’t know each time you pass someone famous, you will probably still pass someone famous.

If you are a Social Media addict, you will likely also recognise some Instagram celebs. We don’t recommend asking for autographs, but it’s nice to have some of that famousness rub off on us!

Where to Stay in Bondi 

Bondi has accomodation to suit most budgets.

Whether you don’t mind staying at a ‘Backpackers’, or you need a private hotel room, you will likely be able to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Price wise, a backpackers might cost around 30 pounds a night..whereas a good hotel room will cost around 130 pounds a night and up. It is recommended to research your accomodation before you arrive, so that you don’t end up staying too far away…availability can be limited at peak times.

Getting to Bondi 

Bondi, with it’s close location to the city, can be reached quite easily.

You can either a bus, taxi, or uber. The bus service is pretty cheap, however, most options shouldn’t set you back too much as Bondi is close to most of the popular city locations.

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